Hello! I am a Show Set Designer and Dimensional Designer in the theme park industry. I studied theatrical set design while at the University of Redlands and had the opportunity to intern at The Hettema Group in the summer of 2019. I worked on a variety of design projects, ranging from retail and dinning venues for theme parks, museum exhibits, to fabrication and installation in the field of two physical models.
I am passionate about the attraction design process, from exploring different track layout possibilities to scenic design and spatial problem solving. I enjoy working with a team of designers with various disciplines and using a variety of tools, both digital and physical. I believe that nothing can fully replace a physical model as a way to refine and study a design. I also use AutoCAD, 3DS Max, SketchUp and Rhino to help visualize and communicate design concepts.
 I am currently a Show Set Designer at American Scenic, where I am learning from the best in the industry and creating the next generation of attractions and experiences.    
Some of the firms I have had the honor to create work for: