Hello! I am a senior at the University of Redlands where I am studying Theater Scenic Design with an emphasis in Themed Entertainment Design. I am very passionate about designing and problem solving for spaces that people can occupy and enjoy themselves in, such as dark rides, themed malls, museums or resorts.
I had the opportunity to be a Creative Intern at The Hettema Group in the Summer of 2019, assisting with concept development of a dark ride, digital modeling of retail and dinning locations, and physical modeling and field installation of two large scale presentation models.
I thrive when I am a member on a team of designers with various disciplines and when I am given the opportunity to wear many hats on a project. My skills in digital modeling, physical modeling and understanding of 3D space, along with my passion to learn from other talented designers, would make me a great member of a team.
As I approach graduation in April 2021, I look forward to starting my career in Show Set Design and Dimensional Design the coming months. Please feel free to get in touch with me, my email is ratigank@gmail.com
Some of the groups I have had the honor to create work for: