“Don’t kid yourself with a rendering” -Claude Coats
1:340 scale SpaceX Starship MK- 1 modeled in Rhino + 3D print
May 2020
Learning various curve, surface and lofting techniques in Rhino while creating a 3D version of Disneyland Paris's Sleeping Beaty Castle.
June 2020
Cybertruck modeled in Rhino + work in progress 3D print
June 2020
3DS Max Dumpster + AutoCAD Dimensions
This summer, I have been taking an online course in 3DS Max so I can broaden my skillset and range of programs I can work in. These projects were built with box and edge modeling techniques
July 2020
I have been teaching myself some of the basic skills of 3DS Max. Here is a model using wall components, spline railings, and AEC Objects.
June 2020
Animatic of the drop sequence in Rise of the Resistance. Modeled and animated in SketchUp and compiled in After Effects. I also 3D printed and painted a 1/8"-1' scale model of the ride vehicle.
January 2020
I worked on a side concept of a Stranger Things inspired 1980’s indoor mall with several interns while at The Hettema Group. I worked on layout and guests circulation, dimensional modeling and rendering. Modeled in SketchUp; rendered and animated in Enscape.
August 2019
Various SketchUp models I've built over the years.
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