Voyage Thru Toarutu Caverns 1'-360' Scale Model - 2021
Foam, Stryene, Bristol board, Illustration Board, Watercolor Paper, Photopolymer Resin
Laser Cutting + 3D Printing
Almost Maine 1/4" - 1' Scale Model - 2020
MDF Wood, Balsa Wood, Styrene, Bristol Board
Laser Cutting
John Lautner's Chemosphere House
Photopolymer Resin 
3D Printing- Modeled in Rhino
Pirates of the Caribbean Level Model - 2018
Acrylic, Paper, Illustration Board, Styrene
 Laser Cutting
Volcano Bay Model - 2017
Foam, Stryene, Bamboo, Resin, Fiber Optics
House of the Future Model - 2017
Acrylic, Foam, Resin
 Laser Cutting
Knott's Berry Farm Window Display Model - 2017
Illustration Board, MDF Wood
Design by Eric Lynxwiler

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