With the University of Redlands spring production of Pirates of Penzance canceled, the Theater Arts Department selected a replacement show, Proof. The entire show was student designed, I was the Scenic Designer and Art Director. Only 48 days were between the section of the show to the intended opening night. I created the initial concept for the set design in about a week and created the following documents in SketchUp, Enscape, Layout and Photoshop seen here. Unfortunately, the spread of COVID 19  prevented the show from opening as planned. With an unfinished set and a show that never had technical rehearsals, the show was performed to a small audience once on March 16th. 
SketchUp, Layout, Enscape, Photoshop
Initial concept and layout sketches exploring how to implement a theater in the round show.
This was the first theater in the round production at the University of Redlands. I was focused on making sure every seat would be given an equal experience and creating a space that was very environmental. The house features some abstraction with the wall that is crumbling away. This helped not having a monolithic wall towering over the space and taking too much visual attention from the porch where the majority of the play takes place. The audience would enter the set from the bottom right corner in the image above, an arbor that helped create a framed reveal of the space was added later in the design process.
The set as it was still being fabricated when the impromptu performance on March 16th took place.

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